Bundle Basics and Advanced Strategies

Kick Amazon Sales Into High Gear With Bundles!

Competition Can Kill Your Profits… Sell Products Where You Are The ONLY Seller

If you have been selling on Amazon for a while, you know how it works…  you buy “stuff” to sell on Amazon and the price tanks.  It’s annoying.

Buying products to resell for profit can be a mystery… especially if you are new to the game (and… it often does feel like a game to me).

My favorite game is Bundling Products to sell on Amazon.

One of the way’s to “grow” our Amazon business is to
get creative and get out of the way of most of your competition.  

Creating your own bundled products to sell on Amazon may “seem” like an overwhelming (more effort than you want to exert) idea.

I am here to tell you that – the extra effort is Worth Every Minute!

Just like every other seller – I am always looking for the “advantage“.

  • Products that will sell for $35 or more (not all my bundles are priced this high and some are priced much higher).
  • Products that aren’t already sold by Amazon.
  • Products that have no competition (or very little).
  • Products that will eventually have Great Sales Rank and will sell fast.
  • Products that won’t cost us a huge investment… and sell for GREAT Profits.

With This Knowledge In Mind…

I Am Now Creating Products Of My Own

I’m NOT Manufacturing Products – I’m Bundling!

How can I find products that sell quickly for GREAT Profits and NO Competion?

I went on the hunt for a plan:

How could Increase my income without spending more Time sourcing? I had “extra” cash to spend… but I didn’t have a lot of “extra” time to source… I needed to find products that would be easy to source and flip (sell) fast on Amazon.

Tired of the competition…

I was tired of competition… flat out. I needed to find ways to sell on Amazon that would “avoid” the competition.

Tired of repricing…

I was so tired of spending several days a week – repricing my Amazon Inventory.  Repricing is a huge time “suck” and can hurt your profits.

I was Ready For Wholesale Buying – but NOT in a Big Way…

I wanted to find products that I could keep “replenishing” – selling the same profitable products over – and over. Even if the products were not from wholesale distributors… and I could easily find them on retail online stores, that would be great!

I did not want to jump into Retail Arbitrage and Wholesale sourcing – Full Tilt!

I like to take small bites – and learn as I grow. The mistakes are NOT so painful.

The Goal!

Sourcing a wide variety of products at low cost.

Sourcing products where I can go “wide” in a specific category – creating product bundles customers want!

Each one of these product bundles “should” sell for a very nice profit… over and over – day after day.

I Hit The Sweet Spot!

I believe I can help you learn my very simple process… finding an Abundance of products that fit your business criteria.

Buy Low Cost Products


Realize Great Profits and Fast Product Sales

Rinse and Repeat…


This Is NOT What You Think It Is…

  • I am NOT selling the Hot Brands or Sexy Products.
  • I am NOT selling anything Trendy.
  • I am NOT selling liquidation or products purchased overseas.
  • I am NOT selling the same “food or beauty” product bundles – ideas that others have already shared over and over.
  • I am NOT spending thousands of dollars to acquire products.
  • I am NOT sourcing the “same” products that a gillion other sellers are sourcing.
  • It’s NOT Couponing.
  • The ONLY thing stopping ME from growing this FASTER – is money. I don’t have unlimited funds… the product opportunities are Abundant!

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Table Of Contents -

Bundle Guide Table Of Contents

Spreadsheets For Research

The same spreadsheets I use to research and keep track of where to “replenish” products:



Get Started FAST Checklist



Who Is This Guide For?

This guide is NOT for brand new Amazon sellers. I recommend you get the basics of selling on Amazon under your belt.

If you are an experienced seller and have spent hours agonizing over repricing products just to get the “Buy Box” – this guide is for you. Never worry about repricing again!

Who Thinks This Guide Is For You? Jessica Larrew!


Join me in learning more about basic and advanced strategies with bundles …

To your success,

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It’ll take you a lot longer to figure it out on your own – it will be a lot easier if you use “me” as your kick start guide.

You could go it alone…

Hey, if you decide to go it alone – go for it! Make BIG things happen. I’m proud of you and I will certainly be here cheering you on!

But wouldn’t you rather benefit from the experience of someone that’s been there before you?

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