Karen Locker – Amazon Sales and Profit Spreadsheet – Cut And Paste

I’m preparing for our podcast with Karen Locker this week. She is going to help us understand what her product “Amazon Sales And Profit Spreadsheet” does for us.  We will be using this page during our podcast so you can have a “visual” as we are learning.

The live podcast with Karen Locker was on Friday, April 12, 2013 at 2pm ET Click HERE to Listen to the recording and for show notes.

This spreadsheet was created and developed by Karen Locker, the excel guru from Solutions4ECommerce.com

This spreadsheet is described:

” To stay in business one of the most important things is to know your numbers. IF you don’t know your numbers you could actually be losing money for all your hard work instead of earning it. This spreadsheet easily keeps track of your Amazon sales and profits. By item by month or by year. All your information in one place includes worksheet for inventory and expenses. When you purchase the spreadsheet, you will be given access to a video recording that walks you through the features of the spreadsheet and teaches you how to use it.”

Download and Open Spreadsheet

Important! Please make a copy of this blank spreadsheet.  Use the copy to start working on your “numbers”.  Having a blank spreadsheet to start over is really important! Just ask Beth!

Download and open the spreadsheet. Open (it opens on a confusing page) and click on the little arrow at the bottom to select the instructions:


The instructions are brief – you will really get a feel for the “How-To” when you watch the video Karen provides with the spreadsheet:

spreadsheet 2

You can see that the video walks you through using the spreadsheet:

spreadsheet 3

Jan. through Nov. are empty – ready for you to copy and paste.  December is filled with sales you will need to delete.

spreadsheet 5

(Click On Image To Expand)

The columns at the top represent the actual information Amazon shares with us.  Karen has this set up so that one column will stay empty ready for us to fill in our own information.

Copy and Paste The Data From Amazon

To use this spreadsheet, you will be accessing some data in your Amazon Seller Central Account.  It’s easy to find and Karen shows (in the video) exactly how to find it and expand the information.  The idea is to copy and paste the information from Amazon – then the “magic” begins.  What I liked about the video is that Karen (and Kat Simpson who is interviewing / asking questions as she shows how to use the spreadsheet) is explaining what you see as you look at the numbers. She doesn’t leave you asking “What Does It All Mean?”.

The column you must now fill in is the COST of each product that you sold:

Insert Your Cost

Once you enter the cost of each product – you will see the actual “Profit” you made from that sale.

This is a fairly quick process because I have my MSKU’s set up with my cost listed already.  The only issue is that you need to hunt them down…  on Amazon.  I actually did an entire year of this spreadsheet in less than 8 hours. This means I have all of 2012 at my fingertips.  This helps me compare how I’m doing this year with last.

You see the box in the bottom right corner “#DIV/)!”  –  We will get Karen to explain what to do with those on the podcast.

NOTE: One thing to watch out for is Multiple Qty Sales of one product to the same customer.  The information Amazon provides is total $ amount (in the copy/paste report) but they don’t provide the qty sold.  You will need to look at a different area on Amazon for that. Not to worry… it’s easy.

I’ve added a few columns for data I want to have for my own spreadsheet:

spreadsheet 6

These columns help me “know” how long a product took to sell, The ASIN (Amazon’s Product number), Where I purchased the product, What category and type of product it was, and what condition it was in.   At the end of every month – I now have more options to “sort” data and see where I’m making the most profit – this helps me make better buying decisions in the future.

At the bottom of the spreadsheet – you will see some very important information.  This information changes as you add in more sales during the month:

spreadsheet 7

Some of the data that is copied over is “NOT SALES” – but other expenses that Amazon includes:

  • Returns
  • Inbound Shipping
  • Pro Account Fees
  • Reimbursements
  • Adjustments

I don’t have a “clear picture” about these inclusions.  Should I keep them in the spreadsheet, should I delete them, should I highlight them. How do they affect my “numbers”. We will get clear answers to all of these questions from Karen.

Other Data Sheets Included

You will find an Expense Data Sheet – where you can enter all your expenses (boxes, tape, tools, gas, etc) for the entire year:

spreadsheet 8

Another sheet that is included is the “Inventory Sheet”:

spreadsheet 9

Some of this seems to be duplicate information inserted – we will have Karen clarify during the podcast.

Adding A Returns Sheet

At the end of the video Kat and Karen showed an idea for a sheet you could add to this set of sheets for keeping track of returns. Pretty cool idea! They show exactly how and where and what to do with this sheet if you add it in.  I’ve not added this sheet to mine (because I forgot – I hope Karen adds it in to the next version)…. but I will because I know I don’t keep track of returns well. **sigh**  This will make it quick and easy because it’s all copy and paste!

 So…. What Does All This Magic Cost???

Normal cost for this “magical spreadsheet” is $30.  We have a coupon for you! (Save $3)

Coupon Code: thriftingforprofit

This is what it looks like when you land on the page to “buy”:

ejunkee buy now

When you click on the “Buy Now” button – you will find the place to enter the coupon code:

coupon code

Of course – you could create these spreadsheets yourself.  I hear it isn’t rocket science… but it sure is to me. Personally… I just want it done for me so I can start to copy/paste NOW!


click to buy



The video included with this spreadsheet really does walk you through everything. Karen does not leave you hanging…


p.s. On many of our podcasts you will hear me mention this spreadsheet and how it has helped me “SEE My Numbers”.  I DO use Quickbooks for my overall income/expenses (the stuff i send to our accountant)… but she really liked seeing this spreadsheet as well. It helped my accountant “See My Numbers” as well. ;)

These spreadsheets are to be USED on a daily basis.  One thing I really liked about having all of my “last year” data…  I could see what products made me the most profit in a specific month and make buying decisions about what to stock up on for the “same month this year”.  I can’t remember anything… (Swiss cheese for brain)  and I’m amazed at what little nuggets of info I can glean from this data.

In all retail businesses – I always say “The profit’s are made when sourcing”  – BUT… knowing your numbers is so important. How will you “know” when/where/how/what your profits are without numbers?

Need it customized or don’t want to do it yourself email Karen@solutions4ecommerce.com. Karen would love to talk to you about how she can help.

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  1. felicia says

    Looking forward to the podcast! I don’t have a spreadsheet and haven’t kept track of my nos. Will be interested in seeing how easy/hard hers is to use.

  2. MIKE says

    If I buy your sales report spread sheet, would I have to fill in the cost every time I do a sales report?
    Thanks, Mike

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