Profit Bandit App – How Does It Work On Smart Phones?

Profit-Bandit-AppToday I take you through a little walk through of what Profit Bandit looks like on a smart phone and how it works.

The profit bandit app is a One Time – $15 Charge. You can try it for 3 days (unlimited scans) and if you don’t like it profit bandit will refund your money.

You can find the Profit Bandit App for Android phones here: Profit Bandit For Android

And… for you iPhone users: Profit Bandit in iTunes

When you download Profit Bandit – you are also going to need another APP to make your camera talk to Profit Bandit and scan products. I’ve used ZXing with great success on my Android. ShopSavvy is another APP that will work with Android Phones.

You can also watch another video where Beth reviews Profit Bandit.


Let us know if you have any questions or comments below… we would love to help you get started with Profit Bandit,

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  1. Robin says

    I have two questions that I can’t seem to find answers for and maybe you know…
    1. What does the * after a price mean?
    2. What does it mean if the FBA price is highlighted in brown like the list price?

  2. michelle g says

    I am just getting started and a couple of questions I have are:
    1. For Amazon Price Check, is there a place to see sales rank?
    2. On the FBA Sales app it will scan something and say “Error, no local database. Try live search.” What does this mean? How do I do a “live search”?
    3. Why do you need a proseller account to work with profit bandit (also with the scanpower, maybe others too?) Asking Profit Bandit to help with a “work around”: what does that mean and back to the question of why they would need to (why do you need a proseller account?)
    Thanks for your help
    Michelle Gurley

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