Profit Bandit Review – Scouting App for Amazon FBA

Profit-Bandit-ReviewProfit Bandit is a Scouting App for Amazon Sellers. It is useful to FBA Sellers as well as Merchant Fulfilled sellers.

We’ve tried a few Scouting Apps and Profit Bandit has quickly become one of our favorites!

  • Good Support
  • Tons of Features

Find out more info about Profit Bandit at

Profit Bandit joined with Seller Engine in July of 2012. Seller Engine provides software and services to Amazon Sellers.

Available for Android and iPhone.

Monthly fee
$49 one-time fee to use a scanner like a ScanFob

These extremely reasonable fees wouldn’t mean anything without good Support.

We have been testing it out and their support has been very good.
Quick response on Facebook and e-mail response within 24 hours (or less).

Profit Bandit shows the usual info: title, rank, category, # of sellers. It also shows COLLECTIBLE items (very useful for “used” games) and will calculate your profit/loss.

You can enter your Buy Cost and Your Sell Price. Profit Bandit will then take into account all fees which you can see in detail. It will even factor in oversize fees.

Easily search other websites from within the Profit Bandit App. This is useful for doing further research for making a buying decision. The item info is pre-populated into the site when you click on it. You don’t have to type in your item info. See info from CamelCamelCamel, eBay and more!

Other Features:

List of previously scanned items
Works with ScanFob
Search with voice to text
Keypad for entering #’s
Vibrate alerts (rank, profit)
Customizable Settings
Creates CSV files (for batch uploading)
Can speak # of sellers and rank
Can show profit or margin
MORE !!!

Things We’d Like to See…’s Sale Price – UPDATE – Oct. 23, 2012 Profit Bandit Now Shows Amazon Pricing!
Quantity of items
More tutorials / training / examples

More Info

You can watch a walk-through of Profit Bandit here: Profit Bandit – What Does It Look Like?

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  1. says

    This sounds great. Much cheaper than the other scouting app I’ve been reading about. One question. I keep reading that a scanner costs around $300. Where can I get it for $49?

    Thanks for the info!

    • DebnBeth says

      The $49 Fee is for a service that connects a scanfob to a smart phone. The scanfob will run you about $300.

  2. Ed MacDonald says

    I am just starting to learn about FBA and was wondering if I can use this or any other app to scan items in Canada? If so…would I be sending them to or can I send to one of the fulfillment centres from Canada? Thanks.

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