ScanFob FAQs for Amazon FBA Sellers

scanfob-faqWhat is a ScanFob?

A ScanFob is a tiny hand-held scanner about the size of two matchboxes stacked on top of one another. It allows you to quickly and easily scan barcodes into your favorite Scouting App on your SmartPhone.

You can read more about ScanFobs here.

Do I NEED a ScanFob?

A ScanFob is a “nicety” not a necessity. It definitely makes Scouting quicker.

How much does a ScanFob cost?

$300 for the ScanFob from SerialIO + Serial Magic Gears $50

When I buy a ScanFob is there other software I need to buy with it?

Yes – there is another App that you need with a ScanFob called Serial Magic Gears. Depending upon where you purchase your ScanFob from, it may come with Serial Magic Gears already. If you ScanFob did not come with it, then you’ll have to purchase it separately.

How much faster is the ScanFob than using my cell phone camera?

It is faster, I haven’t timed it. When I use my android phone’s camera to scan the barcode I have to center the barcode, then it focuses it, then it scans it. When I use the scanfob it is just a “blip” and the barcode is read and put into Profit Bandit.

While the scanfob does make entering the barcode quicker and easier….the time that it takes for the item info to be returned from Amazon onto your screen will still take the same amount of time – it depends on how strong/fast your cell service is.

Here is a video comparing using a Scanfob vs. a camera scanner. Keep in mind when watching this that they are NOT scanning into a scouting App.

What other questions or comments do you have about ScanFobs?

Post your questions and comments below.

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